Lighting the candle

Dear Fellow Caregivers,

We have found each other out here on this path.

We are soldiers of sorts, survivors of many battles, waking up every day to continue the fight.

We fight for something even more precious than the self.  We are fighting for someone we love.

I’m here to share with you.  I want to help.  There are ways of being on this caregiver path that can give you strength.  With this replenishment you will have more to give to those who count on you.

Life has taken us to places we didn’t plan for. These are emotional spaces we truly did not want to see. They can be terrifying and exhausting, but when we survive these challenges the clouds part.  The light returns.

I feel that it is my responsibility to share my story so that it might alleviate the suffering of others.  I truly believe that a contemplative practice can help.

The clouds come back. They always do. Only now, things have changed.   Now it’s different. You’re different.  A contemplative practice creates a reservoir of calm within to draw from during our toughest battles.

Most importantly – you’re still here. I’m still here too. The path is still before us.

If I get ahead of you, I will light a candle.  If I fall behind, please light one for me.  We will remind each other of the beauty of living here in these angles of light.

Most Gratefully,