Next RPM Southtown’s Support Group is Wednesday the 18th at The Comfort Zone Cafe in Hamburg.

I am so invigorated to share!!!

Yesterday we made it to the screening of DEEJ at the Disability Museum on Main Street in Buffalo.

It is the story of one of the first non-speaking autistics to ever graduate from college. DJ Saverese, the protagonist of the film, was there.


I got to watch the movies with my three heroes: Jim, Lisa & Philip!

Philip asked DJ via his iPad how he was able to combat his anxiety.  Anxiety is such an issue for many autistics.  DJ answered, “MEDITATION, exercise, and loving yourself.”

WOW! What an inspiration you are to me DJ.  I will continue helping my girl with RPM and I will continue deepening my meditation practice.

It’s just all perfectly connected.



Mid summer daydreams come true

I heard my first cicada today. Deep summer is soon to set in.

I’m trying to make memories every day for this tribe. I’m trying to pay attention. It will still go by so fast because there is no freezing moments.

Maybe that’s why we all like to take pictures so much. We post.  We invite others in.  “Come & stay awhile in this beautiful moment.  You weren’t here, but I wanted to share it with you!”  Perhaps the pace we are forced to keep with has us all desperate to hold on to time.

Gratitude is a practice I started many years ago when I was newly married and living in a city where I knew very few people.  Keeping a gratitude journal was a thing then and I really loved it.

I try now in earnest to connect with my little family each night and to talk about the things we are grateful for.

I am immensely grateful every day that this is the summer B. and I have begun reading poetry together.  Thanks to RPM this is the summer B. has begun to write poetry.

B. writes poetry.

It’s painstaking still, but it’s happening.

That is a miracle that only the parent or caregiver of a non-speaking child could ever truly understand.

I have known her and valued her through this silent journey, but for her to be able to share gives her a joy I could never buy, beg, borrow, or steal. (Believe me, if it was the hope diamond I would have found a way…)

Each day we show up and we learn and grow together.  With prayer, meditation, and our letter boards.

Her sister is her illustrator.  The collaboration has begun.

Gratitude makes my summers wider, bigger, and more mine. I’m grateful for all of you. Those who are in my daily life supporting me and those of you who I will never meet who are out there walking a similar path.  I promised I’d build you a bridge.  You are why this incredibly private person decided to share.  Your energy buoys me.  A picture can’t hold it, but my heart can.


if there is a picture that could somehow reflect the love and gratitude I have in my heart, on this beautiful summer day, Read More

Finding RPM

We found RPM a little over a year ago.  Philip Reyes is the messenger God used to bring me this good news.  My Uncle Kevin who is one of the most kind people I know handed me a section of our Buffalo News.  “Tobi, the boy who wrote this has autism.  They say he is non-verbal and communicates with a letter board.”

As I read Philip’s words I remembered googling RPM once before.  I had been reading about how many autistics really loved and connected with transcendental meditation. One such young man in a television interview was communicating with his mother through a letter board.  Joey and Roberta Lowenstein  were featured on The David Lynch Foundation web site.

When God knocks on my door sometimes it takes me awhile to answer.  Now He was shaking the windows.  I couldn’t deny that these three letters, “RPM” had flashing red lights attached to them in my soul.

When B. was first diagnosed with autism I would lie on the couch in a panic.  I’d feel like screaming, “She is in trouble!  My baby needs help!  Why aren’t we calling an ambulance????”

Philip Reyes would be our ambulance driver metaphorically speaking.  Instead of a hospital his words would lead us to a school.  Thanks to him and his mother we would find Soma and HALO.