Morning Ritual

My morning ritual consists of lighting a candle.  I’ve done this for years now.  Some mornings I do yoga and meditate prior to this.   Some days its just meditation.  Some days its a struggle to make a cup of tea and not fall over from fatigue.

Every day is different, but the candle remains constant.

My paternal grandmother was born Mary Margaret Murphy to an affluent hotel owner in Quebec.  She and her two sisters had music and French lessons.  They went to private schools and wore fur coats.  Her life was somewhat idyllic until she married my Grandfather.

I’m not throwing you under the bus Grandpa, but serving in World War 2 left you scarred in more ways than one.  Life with you wasn’t easy until you quit drinking.  There were difficult years.

My Grandmother was an optimist.  She was a survivor, a gifted musician, and an empath.  She loved quotes and words the way that I do.  To this day I still find her notations and quotes inside of sheet music and notebooks.

One of her favorite expressions was that “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”  This is an incantation she used again and again to illuminate a positive path.

It is the incantation I recite every day when I strike the match that lights my morning candle.  My prayers, intention settings, and practices may change but the quote is a constant.  It is how I have chosen to live.

Where there is darkness let me be light.

Through no power of my own I open myself up to be a conduit of the light of the universe.  Call it source.  Call it Jesus.  Call it what you want to.  Call on it and it will replenish your soul and heal you.

You can bemoan your fate and circumstances all day long.  Or you can decide to do one small kind act toward yourself or another.  Think of how one small candle can pour warmth and light into a void.

Be gentle with yourself today.  If you string enough of those days together, lighting a candle for your own self-care and wellness, someday in the future you will find that you will be that candle for someone else.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. – John 1:5

Happy Winter Solstice.  Merry Christmas.





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