There is a little woman in Austin, Texas who has the heart of a lion.  She is the strong person who would not quit until she unlocked the gorgeous mind of her son, Tito.  Tito was a non-speaking autistic that had a treasure trove of wisdom locked within him.  His mother Soma developed RPM. (Rapid Prompting Method)

RPM is what gave voice to my daughter.

I believe RPM is to a non-speaking autistic as sign language is to a deaf person.  I believe a letter board is as crucial as a wheelchair.

I know non-speaking autistics are bright people locked inside bodies that won’t obey them.  I know we must respect and celebrate their diversity.

The path to get to these beliefs and knowledge was a 5 year journey.  I am not so pompous or self-congratulatory as to tell you this was easy.  I will tell you that there was an ember inside of me that believed in my daughter.  This ember has gown into a burning fire.  This fire has obliterated doctors, teachers, and therapists who preached a litany of pessimism.

I am an advocate.  I am a mother.

I thank God every day for Soma.

I thank Soma every day for being so brilliant.

I thank my daughter every day for being the strongest person I will ever know.

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