Jim and I celebrated our anniversary a few weeks ago with a beautiful trip to Niagara-On-The-Lake. So it was a delight when my brother watched the girls to let us have a late dinner together on the actual day.

We decided to take a walk down the alleyway where the venue of our reception used to be. The restaurant is no longer there, but this beautiful wall mural still is.

TobiMuralI can tell you it was pretty magical. I felt all the spirits with us in that alleyway. Not ghosts. Guides. We are supported and loved by so many who have crossed over to the other side. For a moment under that crescent moon the veil parted.

They are with us. Nothing is lost. Love continues.

Go to your sacred spaces.  Pray.  They are listening.  Whether you believe in an after life, angels, saints, or a current of light and love in the universe.  Believe that you  have guidance available to you. Love is an energy that exists outside of the confines of time.

Believe that you can ask.

I wish you light,







There is a little woman in Austin, Texas who has the heart of a lion.  She is the strong person who would not quit until she unlocked the gorgeous mind of her son, Tito.  Tito was a non-speaking autistic that had a treasure trove of wisdom locked within him.  His mother Soma developed RPM. (Rapid Prompting Method)

RPM is what gave voice to my daughter.

I believe RPM is to a non-speaking autistic as sign language is to a deaf person.  I believe a letter board is as crucial as a wheelchair.

I know non-speaking autistics are bright people locked inside bodies that won’t obey them.  I know we must respect and celebrate their diversity.

The path to get to these beliefs and knowledge was a 5 year journey.  I am not so pompous or self-congratulatory as to tell you this was easy.  I will tell you that there was an ember inside of me that believed in my daughter.  This ember has gown into a burning fire.  This fire has obliterated doctors, teachers, and therapists who preached a litany of pessimism.

I am an advocate.  I am a mother.

I thank God every day for Soma.

I thank Soma every day for being so brilliant.

I thank my daughter every day for being the strongest person I will ever know. Read More