Finding RPM

We found RPM a little over a year ago.  Philip Reyes is the messenger God used to bring me this good news.  My Uncle Kevin who is one of the most kind people I know handed me a section of our Buffalo News.  “Tobi, the boy who wrote this has autism.  They say he is non-verbal and communicates with a letter board.”

As I read Philip’s words I remembered googling RPM once before.  I had been reading about how many autistics really loved and connected with transcendental meditation. One such young man in a television interview was communicating with his mother through a letter board.  Joey and Roberta Lowenstein  were featured on The David Lynch Foundation web site.

When God knocks on my door sometimes it takes me awhile to answer.  Now He was shaking the windows.  I couldn’t deny that these three letters, “RPM” had flashing red lights attached to them in my soul.

When B. was first diagnosed with autism I would lie on the couch in a panic.  I’d feel like screaming, “She is in trouble!  My baby needs help!  Why aren’t we calling an ambulance????”

Philip Reyes would be our ambulance driver metaphorically speaking.  Instead of a hospital his words would lead us to a school.  Thanks to him and his mother we would find Soma and HALO.

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